Ordinary Extraordinaire...That's me

Ordinary Extraordinaire...That's me

Monday, May 3, 2010

Time flies

Well, April 2010 is down in the record books. Unfortunately I can't find my record book. This is not uncommon in my life. I want to be organized so desperately. I can get one room really organized but then the rest of the house is a wreck. It would literally take me days and days to get the whole house done. Here is the dilemma, I get up and after feeding the boys the dishes need to be done so I have to clean out the dish washer but first I have to throw all the kitchen towels in the washer and then realize the washer still has clothes in it,,but first I have to fold the clothes in the dryer then as I take them to put them away I have to put them on top of the clothes that still haven't been put away from the last loads. oh then I have to go to the bathroom and realize the trash needs to be taken out and of course I need to wash my face and then there is a stinky diaper that HAS to be changed and on my way through the livingroom realize it looks like Toys-r-us threw up in there....as I stump my toe on a monster truck I get the diaper changed and realize the kitchen trash also needs to go out so out it goes and then I have to put a new bag in and realize the trash can stinks..so where is the Lysol? I find it in the boys bathroom only to realize that the toilet is disgusting because boys can't aim so I have to clean that and I hear... "I'm hungry" I think Really it's lunch time already?! So then after lunch the dishes need to be done along with the rest the didn't get done and the dishwasher is still full and the clothes aren't done and I have to pee AGAIN! So by the time the everyday chores get done I am still wondering where the day went! I have STUFF....ya know STUFF that doesn't go any particular place and just gets stacked here and there....what do you DO with Stuff...you need it...so ya can't throw it away.....I need a STUFF closet....Heck I need a Stuff trailer...oh wait...I have one and it is FULL and now what? Do I have hoarding syndrome? oh that would be bad...I really need to have a yard sale! but when do I have the time to go through all the STUFF?
aaaaahhhhh ok breath..... where there's will there's a way..right?
wonder if the boys would mind giving up some toys...... and now my boys have these alarm clocks that there precious father gave them ...you know the wind up kind with the big bells on top that ring really loud? well they are throwing them at each other....so I guess Time really does fly!
lordy lordy

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  1. If Stuff can be stored in a storage unit of some sort and is not related to holidays, then yes, it can be thrown out or sold. I do think you are a hoarder. I think it runs in the family a bit on both sides and we all have tendencies to do it. What are you saving it for? You can't take it with you and it just stresses you out knowing its there. So what's the point?