Ordinary Extraordinaire...That's me

Ordinary Extraordinaire...That's me

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day to Day

Days just seem to zip by. I try to take a few minutes each evening after the boys are asleep and think. Think about what I've accomplished for today. I have discovered that I don't have to be a hero everyday. Being happy with just living the best I can, is freeing.
I am trying to get more healthy. I believe that if I look my best it will benefit my business. I mean, really, I am in the beauty business. So I should look the part, right? Right! I can't look like a slouch and have a 70's hair due and expect women to buy beauty products from me.
So now I am on a quest to get back what I lost from having kids!
I will do it! Hip hugging skinny jeans here I come! I will wear Jessica Simpson jeans before they are out of style!

Sissy Time

Well I threw on a Brown hip-length, banded hem, scoop neck cotton Top with mid-rise dark jeans and some brown ankle boots. I didn't add accessories because I was just going to my sisters and she doesn't care what I wear! I was so excited to be getting out of the house. She fixed stuffed eggplant and a potato casserole with chicken tenders. I actually liked the stuffed eggplant the best! We can talk and talk about nothing. I love to just sit and talk with her!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Blues

The last week was rough! The weather is beating us up, bad! Last week we were pounded with snow and ice. Thousands lost power,we were in that number. Friday the lights began to flicker and with in a few minutes all power was gone. No lights, no refrigerator, no water, no heat, no..nothing. My 4 year old had no concept of electricity being gone. He came running in there and said, "Mommy, my tv broke!" he was in a panic. I had to explain to him several times about power. why the lights were not working and why we were having to put on extra clothes to stay warm. Thank God we had a generator for back up. It would pull the heat and the refrigerator. OH and the coffee pot..thank heavens! We kept lights to a minimum and only ran the small tv to watch news and weather updates.
By Sunday the poor generator was having to pull the microwave and stove and the big tv was in use for the race. Hubby wasn't going to miss that.
When we ventured out to get gas for the generator it was like a war zone on the roads. Trees blocked the way every 1000 ft or so and cars where in the ditches and people in there yards looking at downed trees and power lines popping. Sunday evening an electrical truck slowly pulled into the driveway to check and see if we had power. He assured us it would be back in a few minutes. Sure enough power returned. Hallaluah! I am very thankful to be living in America! I will not take for granted my heat and running,clean water ever again!!
Today is Wed and the wind is gusting up to 70miles per hour. There are wide spread power outages. Trees are bending to the max and I'm just holding my breath to keep power.
I will sit with my hot coffee and my boys cuddling and pray that this winter will ease up. I do know one thing for certain. This too shall pass. Spring IS going to come. Change is something we can't....well...change..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

Well I arrived at my sisters yesterday and she began zipping around the kitchen. She had her fancy mixer happily stirring and she was sifting flour and measuring oil and spices. She whipped up some red velvet muffins and popped them in the oven. Then she plopped out a huge bag of onions and began chopping them. I was sitting there innocently watching when I felt like someone had poked my eyes out. Duh, Onion!!! She looked like she was weeping with happiness to cook while I was opening doors and windows begging for air! I was trying to see out of a tiny slits and torrents of tears!! I finally found the table and sat down. Was this meal worth all this? After a cold rag and cold air coming in...I could finally see and she was still in the kitchen zipping around laughing at me. I figured out she was making me one of my favorite meals. French Onion Soup and Fried Chicken salad...All from scratch! I was so excited! I watched her pour buttermilk into a bowl and begin to coat the chicken for frying. Chop Chop Chop she had a beautiful salad thrown together. She looks like a little tornado in the kitchen with all her gadgets whizzing and whirling. I popped the black table cloth for pictures and it was absolutely beautiful! Almost to beautiful to eat...Almost....NOT!!! The cute little bowl of home made honey mustard looked just right on the magnolia plate of salad and chicken tenders with the gorgeous bowl of soup covered with decadent gruyere cheese, which by the way she had me pick up on the way to her house and I about fell out right there in the grocery store! It was $14 per pound!! when i asked her about this she told me quite plainly.. " Hey I said I cooked good, I never said I cooked cheep!" so there ya have it. So I sat down and took the first bite. OH it was soooo good!!! I ate and ate and ate and then realized I was full....and still I couldn't put the fork down...I ate and ate and ate....It's a good thing I brought my husbands ton and 1/2 truck, I was going to need it to haul my big butt home!!!
Ooooooof I was so full! and I hadn't eaten my muffin yet!!! What was I going to do....Ok we'll go do a facial and mask and talk and that should work off enough to eat my muffin..right? Well I did finish that muffin and it was oh-so good and then I decided for my thighs sake I should probably call it a night!! I waddled out to my big ole truck, crawled up into it and took a deep sigh. Kiss Kiss to my sisiter who cooked an incredible meal and to me who was a BIG old Pig and ate the whole thing!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He loves me...He loves me not

Well I am busy as a bee making Valentines Day baskets. I went to the after Christmas sales and scooped up lots of cute baskets I could use for Valentines day. The new Mary Kay Romantic Petals is wonderful but I like to have more than one option for my customers. I am also getting ready to go to my sister's house tonight. She and I are collaborating on a Valentines Dinner with matching gifts...she is making a surprise! I Can't wait to see what it is. Hmmm what to wear....probably a comfortable jean/red sweater with red and black beads and definately boots! My driveway is actually a mudway. Ok back to work! Will update on the surprise tomorrow.
I would love to know what others expected out of Valentines Day. What would be your perfect evening? Mine would go like this...... Hubby comes home with a big smile and wisks me off to a nice dinner and then a hotel full of flowers and a big HOT bubble bath with candles and chocolate covered strawberries and a...well....you get the picture. Let me know guys!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

snow, snow go away

I am sitting here in my office,one eye on the computer and one eye on the weather. From my window, I can see an old oak tree, Its branches bare and cold. Mushy snow is covering everything! I'm trying to muster up the energy to get dressed! You would think a stylish woman wouldn't sit in pajamas all day? wrong! I'm not too stylin right now! I don't even match. Well at least I know. My little one is asleep and Wyatt is playing. This gives me time to catch up on whats coming up for spring. Looks like bold florals and big necklaces with lots of color. I'll probably blend that with jeans and boots for a modern country look. I like to be cute but it has to work on the farm too! Here lately the shoe of choice has been rain boots. Plain but it works.