Ordinary Extraordinaire...That's me

Ordinary Extraordinaire...That's me

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall back

Fall is in full swing! The poplar trees are turning yellow and dropping leaves at an alarming rate. The mornings are cool and damp. Spiders are spinning webs everywhere! Pumpkins sit at every little country store for sale. Corn is being harvested and Tobbaco farmers are rushing to get the last to the market. Apple cider is out front in all the stores. Halloween is right around the corner!
My baby boy started school this month! He seems to like it but the transition has been hard for me!
MY baby baby boy is turning 3 next month and I can see him going from a baby to a boy. sigh.... where does time go?
I have not been singing much and I tried to push Mary Kay again and ...again my time for it is being squeezed off... I am falling back into the house wife/mother role....
I guess God wants me to fall back and rely on him alone.... so I'm trying to be content with just being here in this place and time......
speaking of time....got to go pick up Wyatt from school!

Monday, June 28, 2010

keep on keeping on...

Well, May has come and gone and now June is almost over! What did I do? Where did I go? Where is Waldo or should I say Walter? My husband is hardly ever home and for what, to pay the bills? To keep me in this lavish lifestyle I'm accustumed too? Oh wait I don't live lavishly! So why?
I have finally come to a place where the Lord has worked to get me for almost my entire life..... content.... at peace with my station in life.
I don't need a new car or fancy things but and I am not complaining, no really, but I would love to see my husband more...but if that is written in our book right now so be it.
So What DID I do? I cleaned house, which by the way IS the never ending story!! I studied God's word. Kept the yard mowed and started a flower bed. oh yeah....answered God's call... it went something like this...
I was praying one night and as I sat with my head in my hands I slipped away somewhere......I found myself walking along a white path. the air was cool and it had a fresh sweet smell to it. I looked out over what looked to be a lake of glass. All around me as far as I could see it was crystal clear. The path wound around crystal columns that reached upward. An angel was walking with me. I never actually looked at her but just knew she was there, walking with me. We were chatting about little nothings. I looked into one of the columns and as I touched the slick surface, a seen began to play inside. It was a snap shot of my life. My family, my joy, my world. I smiled at the pure peace of knowing. As I walked further I came to another column and looked into it. I saw myself singing to thousands. I was on a stage holding a microphone in one hand and the other hand stretched toward the crowd. My angel whispered to me,"This is the glory of the Lord through you" I just starred at the scene playing before me. I asked my angel,"How? I don't know where to start."
She whispered back to me,"Start anywhere,God can take it from there, just sing, honey sing for the Lord"
I then heard music off in the distance. Beautiful music I can't even begin to describe. On the horizon a Great light was dawning and angels floated in and out. It began to snow lightly and the sound of children playing off in the distance warmed my heart. It was peaceful there and beautiful I could have stayed forever.
but alas, I came back and lifted my head and realized I had been sitting there for like an hour!!
I thought whew I must have fallen asleep....wow what a dream....
so I said AMEN and went to bed... as I lay there my oldest son sat straight up (yes he sleeps with me but that is another story)......eyes shut mind you,...he was asleep....but he laughed and said, "Mom, I need more snow...I'm making you a crystal sculpture......." and then he fell back to his pillow....
I felt a coolness settle on me and tears welled in my eyes.... I was in shock.... all I could choke out was.... ,"what?!"
This was a conformation for me....my son was there too..in that place....
I raised my eyes to heaven and asked...,"why Lord? why would you ask me to sing? why would you ask me to do something so hard?"
I heard a voice plain as day say, "Tracey, I have sent my people into foreign lands with no food to get slaughtered and all I have ask you to do is open your mouth."
I was speachless to say the least!!!! God has a way of putting things into perspective.
So...I decided to sing for the Lord. And then my neighbor calls me out of the blue and asks me to sing with him at a church. He has NEVER heard me sing and he just says the Lord led him to me....so I sang with him.....
I shook and was scared to death but I kept telling myself... "my confidence is in the Lord"
then he wanted me to sing AGAIN at his church so I did....
and just today my director texted me out of the blue and asked if I could sing at her church this Saturday.... wow when the Lord wants you to do something...I guess you just do it....
So June has come and is fixing to make a very HOT exit...and my poor children have been sick most of June but I am to a place where I can stay home and be a mom and Know that God is working. God is Never early but he is NEVER late either. So I'll just keep on keep'n on, doing what I'm doing till God tells me to do something different.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Time flies

Well, April 2010 is down in the record books. Unfortunately I can't find my record book. This is not uncommon in my life. I want to be organized so desperately. I can get one room really organized but then the rest of the house is a wreck. It would literally take me days and days to get the whole house done. Here is the dilemma, I get up and after feeding the boys the dishes need to be done so I have to clean out the dish washer but first I have to throw all the kitchen towels in the washer and then realize the washer still has clothes in it,,but first I have to fold the clothes in the dryer then as I take them to put them away I have to put them on top of the clothes that still haven't been put away from the last loads. oh then I have to go to the bathroom and realize the trash needs to be taken out and of course I need to wash my face and then there is a stinky diaper that HAS to be changed and on my way through the livingroom realize it looks like Toys-r-us threw up in there....as I stump my toe on a monster truck I get the diaper changed and realize the kitchen trash also needs to go out so out it goes and then I have to put a new bag in and realize the trash can stinks..so where is the Lysol? I find it in the boys bathroom only to realize that the toilet is disgusting because boys can't aim so I have to clean that and I hear... "I'm hungry" I think Really it's lunch time already?! So then after lunch the dishes need to be done along with the rest the didn't get done and the dishwasher is still full and the clothes aren't done and I have to pee AGAIN! So by the time the everyday chores get done I am still wondering where the day went! I have STUFF....ya know STUFF that doesn't go any particular place and just gets stacked here and there....what do you DO with Stuff...you need it...so ya can't throw it away.....I need a STUFF closet....Heck I need a Stuff trailer...oh wait...I have one and it is FULL and now what? Do I have hoarding syndrome? oh that would be bad...I really need to have a yard sale! but when do I have the time to go through all the STUFF?
aaaaahhhhh ok breath..... where there's will there's a way..right?
wonder if the boys would mind giving up some toys...... and now my boys have these alarm clocks that there precious father gave them ...you know the wind up kind with the big bells on top that ring really loud? well they are throwing them at each other....so I guess Time really does fly!
lordy lordy

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I recently went to the Joyce Meyer conference. I loved it. She is a tell it like it is kind of preacher/teacher. She is not for everyone but she is for me. God knew I could relate to her so he led me to her. I had just completed the Bible all the way through for the first time when God led me to her. I was reading it as a history book more than a way of life. Basically I wasn't gett'n it. So I was in Wal-mart one day and an urge to go to the book section hit me, hard. Now I wasn't a book kind of girl. This was out of Character for me. But I obeyed and walked swiftly in that direction. Something led me around one isle and 3rd shelf down the first book my eyes focused on was Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. I heard the Holy Spirit say, "You're not getting it my way so here is someone you can relate to, get the book and read it."
God can be quite bossy. So I purchased the book and that night began to read. It had never occured to me that I had control of my thoughts. I never thought about what I thought about. The enemy had settled in to certain places in my brain and had control of it. If you have never read it I highly recommend it. That was the first time I had ever heard of her. Ever since I have been hooked on her and her books and her TV show. She has given me the greatest insight to God. Of course she is led by the Holy Spirit to do this, and not on her own. So this was the second time the Holy Spirit had spoken to me plainly. I will never forget it! I also will never forget the next thing he began to work on me about. But I will save it for next time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Heaven is UP!

I haven't fallen into blogging. This one doesn't flow from me easily. Although I love fashion, my life just doesn't revolve around it. My life is like a pot with all kinds of foods in it. I am a devoted child of God first and foremost and I suppose I could write a book about that.I will probaby start telling some of my close encounters. Some are out there and wonderful at the same time. I am a mother and have all the crazyness that goes along with that. Motherhood alone is a long story. I am a wife to a man who is completely and totally different from me! It is true we are attracted to opposites! He is my perfect match and mate. HE is a story all his own! It took me a year or two to learn I can not and should not try to change him but flow with him and appreciate his differences! I am a daughter to two very unique individuals. I will not blog about them because one of them may read it..hahaha luv ya mom. My life has shifted drastically in the last 6 years. I am going to shift this blog also and just start writing about my experiences with life and love and motherhood and the journey that God has set before me.
Just to start the shift I would like to say that God has jumped in with both feet. He is working hard to do a great thing in me. The major start to God's project started Sept 24th 2008. I had decided to start giving God time everyday. I promised him I would read his word and I guess starting at the begining would have been too easy but like so many baby Christians I let the book open where it wanted and asked for a sign from God. Just a note here, He will do this in the begining for you but soon he expects you to study and know the word. Ok back to the story, I placed my finger on a scripture and began to read... "Consider now from this day the four and twentieth day of the ninth month from this day I will bless you" ......... This is in Haggai chapter 2. I had a very old Bible whose pages where turned yellow to the point of almost not being read. But I sat there starring with a cold chill running through my body. The presents of the Lord was very strong. He began that day on the 24th day of Sept. changing my life for the better. I know that I know that I know....that God has a great plan for everyone on this earth. It is up to us to take note of what he is doing. If we take a passive pass at this one life we are given we will never amount to anything. We will just take up space and let life happen to us. I have voluntarily submitted to the Lord and have heard his voice first hand. I know that he is real and very much alive. My life is shifting again due to the leading of the Holy Spirit. My road keeps getting more narrow but more stable. I pray that anyone who reads this will at the very least get curious enough to look up to the starry heavens and ask, "OK God, What do you have in mind?"

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Around and Around

My sister came up yesterday and we went riffling through the storage trailer. Miss Neesy on Clean House would love to get ahold of that! hahaha
We were trying to find clothes for her to wear since she has lost so much weight. We pulled out clothes I have had for 15 years and the funny thing is they are back in style! There are some styles I wish would stay OUT! Like leggings and Long T-shirts and ballet shoes. oh and Please Do NOT bring back the Mullet.... That is a hideous hair style! I found bright cotton scoop neck tanks in orange and green and blue in the same shades that are coming for spring. HA! New clothes, well recycled clothes. So the styles just keep going around and around. They come back with a little tweek and a color change here and there. Apparently the designers have run out of original ideas. I take that back, Most of the runway stuff no normal person could or should I say Would wear. We normal folks put our own spin on the latest trends. Just visit any Catos and you will see what is in, in your area. If you want more trendy clothes you'll have to visit a larger city like Atlanta or better yet New York. But don't expect to fit in around the small home towns. My motto, if it don't go with jeans it don't go.. ahahaha just kidding!!! Really!! JUST KIDDING! I like my jeans just as good as the next girl but a little style is in order! So here we go with the bright colors, again. This spring trend has been around and around! Just this spin is bulky necklaces and flower pins. Have fun!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful Days ahead

Today was absolutely beautiful! The sun was warm and the sky was clear blue!
I have discovered Clean Eating. I Love the idea and I try very hard to come close. With two small children that are used to frozen chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, making that switch is taking time. I did have a hit with home made chicken nuggets and grape salad tonight. I used Flax seed,wheat germ, and oat bran to coat the chicken pieces and baked them and the grape salad was just red grapes, green grapes,celery,pecans,apples and vanilla flavored Greek Yogurt mixed together. I was impressed with it myself!
I have been excercising too! Trying to get into those skinny jeans. Now even more reason, my 20 Year reunion is coming this fall! I about fell out when I saw that come across my email. ok time to buckle down. This spring fashion is so cute with all the colors. I have to use these beautiful days to my advantage and walk! I tell God all the time, I didn't hit it 100% today but tomorrow is another day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day to Day

Days just seem to zip by. I try to take a few minutes each evening after the boys are asleep and think. Think about what I've accomplished for today. I have discovered that I don't have to be a hero everyday. Being happy with just living the best I can, is freeing.
I am trying to get more healthy. I believe that if I look my best it will benefit my business. I mean, really, I am in the beauty business. So I should look the part, right? Right! I can't look like a slouch and have a 70's hair due and expect women to buy beauty products from me.
So now I am on a quest to get back what I lost from having kids!
I will do it! Hip hugging skinny jeans here I come! I will wear Jessica Simpson jeans before they are out of style!

Sissy Time

Well I threw on a Brown hip-length, banded hem, scoop neck cotton Top with mid-rise dark jeans and some brown ankle boots. I didn't add accessories because I was just going to my sisters and she doesn't care what I wear! I was so excited to be getting out of the house. She fixed stuffed eggplant and a potato casserole with chicken tenders. I actually liked the stuffed eggplant the best! We can talk and talk about nothing. I love to just sit and talk with her!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Blues

The last week was rough! The weather is beating us up, bad! Last week we were pounded with snow and ice. Thousands lost power,we were in that number. Friday the lights began to flicker and with in a few minutes all power was gone. No lights, no refrigerator, no water, no heat, no..nothing. My 4 year old had no concept of electricity being gone. He came running in there and said, "Mommy, my tv broke!" he was in a panic. I had to explain to him several times about power. why the lights were not working and why we were having to put on extra clothes to stay warm. Thank God we had a generator for back up. It would pull the heat and the refrigerator. OH and the coffee pot..thank heavens! We kept lights to a minimum and only ran the small tv to watch news and weather updates.
By Sunday the poor generator was having to pull the microwave and stove and the big tv was in use for the race. Hubby wasn't going to miss that.
When we ventured out to get gas for the generator it was like a war zone on the roads. Trees blocked the way every 1000 ft or so and cars where in the ditches and people in there yards looking at downed trees and power lines popping. Sunday evening an electrical truck slowly pulled into the driveway to check and see if we had power. He assured us it would be back in a few minutes. Sure enough power returned. Hallaluah! I am very thankful to be living in America! I will not take for granted my heat and running,clean water ever again!!
Today is Wed and the wind is gusting up to 70miles per hour. There are wide spread power outages. Trees are bending to the max and I'm just holding my breath to keep power.
I will sit with my hot coffee and my boys cuddling and pray that this winter will ease up. I do know one thing for certain. This too shall pass. Spring IS going to come. Change is something we can't....well...change..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

Well I arrived at my sisters yesterday and she began zipping around the kitchen. She had her fancy mixer happily stirring and she was sifting flour and measuring oil and spices. She whipped up some red velvet muffins and popped them in the oven. Then she plopped out a huge bag of onions and began chopping them. I was sitting there innocently watching when I felt like someone had poked my eyes out. Duh, Onion!!! She looked like she was weeping with happiness to cook while I was opening doors and windows begging for air! I was trying to see out of a tiny slits and torrents of tears!! I finally found the table and sat down. Was this meal worth all this? After a cold rag and cold air coming in...I could finally see and she was still in the kitchen zipping around laughing at me. I figured out she was making me one of my favorite meals. French Onion Soup and Fried Chicken salad...All from scratch! I was so excited! I watched her pour buttermilk into a bowl and begin to coat the chicken for frying. Chop Chop Chop she had a beautiful salad thrown together. She looks like a little tornado in the kitchen with all her gadgets whizzing and whirling. I popped the black table cloth for pictures and it was absolutely beautiful! Almost to beautiful to eat...Almost....NOT!!! The cute little bowl of home made honey mustard looked just right on the magnolia plate of salad and chicken tenders with the gorgeous bowl of soup covered with decadent gruyere cheese, which by the way she had me pick up on the way to her house and I about fell out right there in the grocery store! It was $14 per pound!! when i asked her about this she told me quite plainly.. " Hey I said I cooked good, I never said I cooked cheep!" so there ya have it. So I sat down and took the first bite. OH it was soooo good!!! I ate and ate and ate and then realized I was full....and still I couldn't put the fork down...I ate and ate and ate....It's a good thing I brought my husbands ton and 1/2 truck, I was going to need it to haul my big butt home!!!
Ooooooof I was so full! and I hadn't eaten my muffin yet!!! What was I going to do....Ok we'll go do a facial and mask and talk and that should work off enough to eat my muffin..right? Well I did finish that muffin and it was oh-so good and then I decided for my thighs sake I should probably call it a night!! I waddled out to my big ole truck, crawled up into it and took a deep sigh. Kiss Kiss to my sisiter who cooked an incredible meal and to me who was a BIG old Pig and ate the whole thing!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He loves me...He loves me not

Well I am busy as a bee making Valentines Day baskets. I went to the after Christmas sales and scooped up lots of cute baskets I could use for Valentines day. The new Mary Kay Romantic Petals is wonderful but I like to have more than one option for my customers. I am also getting ready to go to my sister's house tonight. She and I are collaborating on a Valentines Dinner with matching gifts...she is making a surprise! I Can't wait to see what it is. Hmmm what to wear....probably a comfortable jean/red sweater with red and black beads and definately boots! My driveway is actually a mudway. Ok back to work! Will update on the surprise tomorrow.
I would love to know what others expected out of Valentines Day. What would be your perfect evening? Mine would go like this...... Hubby comes home with a big smile and wisks me off to a nice dinner and then a hotel full of flowers and a big HOT bubble bath with candles and chocolate covered strawberries and a...well....you get the picture. Let me know guys!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

snow, snow go away

I am sitting here in my office,one eye on the computer and one eye on the weather. From my window, I can see an old oak tree, Its branches bare and cold. Mushy snow is covering everything! I'm trying to muster up the energy to get dressed! You would think a stylish woman wouldn't sit in pajamas all day? wrong! I'm not too stylin right now! I don't even match. Well at least I know. My little one is asleep and Wyatt is playing. This gives me time to catch up on whats coming up for spring. Looks like bold florals and big necklaces with lots of color. I'll probably blend that with jeans and boots for a modern country look. I like to be cute but it has to work on the farm too! Here lately the shoe of choice has been rain boots. Plain but it works.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Rainy Sundays just make me want to curl up with a cup of coffee and snuggle!! But...I had a Marykay event so off I went in this nasty weather. The roads were wet and grey and the sky was grey and the trees even looked grey..gee my car is even grey, Yuck! But of course when I walked into my Mary Kay Training center I was greeted with smiles and laughter...YAY! My director and a guest director were pretending to do surgery on another director. It was quite entertaining! It was like a magic show. I don't know how they pulled that pink phone out of her! So I settled in for an hour or two of girlfriend time and it was warming to the soul! So now I am back home and am fixing to grab a cup of coffee and sit with my boys and watch football..which I am not in the least interrested in, but if they like it, I will use it for snuggle time!! Praise God for snuggling!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This day was far from normal...My husband and I had to take one of our goats to the vet. Apparently one of my fat, clumsy horses stepped on her and she has a broken leg and a nervous system problem so we had to make her a tiny stall and prop her up between two bails of hay. Why do I have goats? Oh yeah someone said that they would eat the weeds and it would be a time saver.....who ever said that doesn't have goats. It cost $40 for a vet to look at her and say "Yep, she can't walk, prop her up and wait, that will be $40, Thanks" Gee, Really? I couldn't tell she couldn't walk when I had to carry her 60 pound butt to the trailer!! Go green with goats...I don't think so. They cost more than a weed eater!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Supper time?

Can they hear me? I feel like a ghost in my house. Dad keeps grabbing the kids and running around! The boys are squealing with delight! Meanwhile I keep stressing louder and louder that supper has been done and now is getting cold. The boys paused long enough to look at it and start laughing and take off again! So do I play bad guy and spoil the fun and make them sit and eat? hmmm It sounds like a herd of elephants running in my house!!! I can only watch and stay out of the way!
Wow, where to start is a good question! I can hear my boys arguing over a garbage truck toy.....I don't remember wanting to be a garbage truck driver when I  was little! Why can't they want to be doctors or something clean!