Ordinary Extraordinaire...That's me

Ordinary Extraordinaire...That's me

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful Days ahead

Today was absolutely beautiful! The sun was warm and the sky was clear blue!
I have discovered Clean Eating. I Love the idea and I try very hard to come close. With two small children that are used to frozen chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, making that switch is taking time. I did have a hit with home made chicken nuggets and grape salad tonight. I used Flax seed,wheat germ, and oat bran to coat the chicken pieces and baked them and the grape salad was just red grapes, green grapes,celery,pecans,apples and vanilla flavored Greek Yogurt mixed together. I was impressed with it myself!
I have been excercising too! Trying to get into those skinny jeans. Now even more reason, my 20 Year reunion is coming this fall! I about fell out when I saw that come across my email. ok time to buckle down. This spring fashion is so cute with all the colors. I have to use these beautiful days to my advantage and walk! I tell God all the time, I didn't hit it 100% today but tomorrow is another day!

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