Ordinary Extraordinaire...That's me

Ordinary Extraordinaire...That's me

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Around and Around

My sister came up yesterday and we went riffling through the storage trailer. Miss Neesy on Clean House would love to get ahold of that! hahaha
We were trying to find clothes for her to wear since she has lost so much weight. We pulled out clothes I have had for 15 years and the funny thing is they are back in style! There are some styles I wish would stay OUT! Like leggings and Long T-shirts and ballet shoes. oh and Please Do NOT bring back the Mullet.... That is a hideous hair style! I found bright cotton scoop neck tanks in orange and green and blue in the same shades that are coming for spring. HA! New clothes, well recycled clothes. So the styles just keep going around and around. They come back with a little tweek and a color change here and there. Apparently the designers have run out of original ideas. I take that back, Most of the runway stuff no normal person could or should I say Would wear. We normal folks put our own spin on the latest trends. Just visit any Catos and you will see what is in, in your area. If you want more trendy clothes you'll have to visit a larger city like Atlanta or better yet New York. But don't expect to fit in around the small home towns. My motto, if it don't go with jeans it don't go.. ahahaha just kidding!!! Really!! JUST KIDDING! I like my jeans just as good as the next girl but a little style is in order! So here we go with the bright colors, again. This spring trend has been around and around! Just this spin is bulky necklaces and flower pins. Have fun!

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